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Black Friday Promo Template: “OMG! I Just Made $17.3K”

Black Friday, for many business owners, is a bit of an afterthought.

But when done right, Black Friday can be the biggest day of your year.

This is a huge opportunity not just for traditional retailers, but for online entrepreneurs as well. ?


Because this is the one day of the year that your customers are expecting you to sell them something.

Think about it: you have the best excuse in the world to make an amazing offer…but you have to do it right.

And if you do, you can get results like this:


Or this:


Or like this:


Or this:


And there are a few different ways to do this.

Just using the words “Black Friday Sale” is a surefire way to take advantage of low hanging fruit.

So my question for you is this:

Do you have a Black Friday promotion planned already?

If the answer is yes, good for you!

If the answer is no, keep reading because there’s still time to make it happen (and I’ve even given you email templates to make it easy).


The thing to remember with Black Friday is that people are not only buying stuff for themselves, they’re also stocking up on holiday gifts.

So if you can position your products as a great gift opportunity, along with some kind of special offer…

You increase the chances that they’ll buy.

I like to do this in 3 different ways…


If you sell something that people traditionally buy for themselves, think about how you can position what you sell as a gift for someone else.

A great example is the Kolbe profile test (We talk a lot about the Kolbe test in the Next Level Mastermind).

So here’s how you could position it to your previous customers.

Feel free to swipe the email below and customize it to fit your promotion:

Hey First Name,

Can I ask you a question?

Take a minute to think about the impact the Kolbe test has had on you and your business.

With the holidays coming up…

Now’s a great time to be asking yourself,

“Who in my life would benefit from the Kolbe profile test, which has been so influential for me?”

Think of three people, and write them down.


You’ve just solved the hardest part of the holidays—finding the right gift for the people in your life.

And with our “buy 2 get one free” Black Friday promotion, you can now cross those people off your list.

Using a version of this email is a great way to position a Black Friday gift promotion.


Another great way to position your product is what I like to call the “You Deserve It” promo.

I’ve used this successfully many times across my businesses, and it goes a little something like this:

(This was specifically for a female audience)

Dear First Name,

The holiday season is a busy time.

If you’re like most of us, you’re busy planning holiday meals, parties, and shopping for friends and family…

And you deserve something for yourself!

So with the holiday season coming up, take the time to treat yourself…

With XYZ discount on ABC product.


The “Bring a Friend” Promotion

This is even MORE powerful (especially in certain niches like weight loss and fitness).

This is where you offer a “buy one – get one free at a discount for a friend”, and the positioning is something like:

Hey there,

With the holidays coming up, it’s that time of year when everyone is making resolutions.

And I truly want this upcoming year to be your best year EVER.

We know that trying to reach your weight loss goals is easier when you have support from your friends and family…

So I’d like to invite you to take advantage of our special “Bring a Friend” offer…

If you join/buy XYZ program, you’ll get a membership for a friend for free!

So bring along your partner, or your best friend…

And not only will you give them a great gift…

But you’ll be giving yourself a valuable gift as well.

These three offers are a great way to position your Black Friday promo (or any holiday promo, really).

Announcing Our Annual “Black Friday Workshop”

And if you’re super-motivated to take action on this…and potentially do several thousand dollars in sales (or more) in just a few days…

We’re about to run our annual “Black Friday Workshop” in the Next Level Group Mastermind, with a step-by-step training, a full set of email swipes, as well as feedback on your promo.

The first year we did this, the overall results looked like this:

Last year, we blew that number out of the water with a total of $685,000 in revenue from Black Friday Promos:


If you want to get in on this, it’s starting Monday, November 21st.

You’ll need to be an NLM member to get access, so if you’re not yet a member, you can sign up here.

Now I’m curious…

Are you running a Black Friday promo? Which of these strategies are you most interested in using?

Let me know in the comments below…

Ryan :-)

5 Formulas for Unique, Interesting, and Profitable Emails and Blog Posts


You may have heard people say that email marketing is dead.

But in my world, a HUGE part of my business relies on email communication.

For me, and most of the entrepreneurs I know, email marketing is very much alive.

While Facebook ads and other formats now play a bigger role…

Email is STILL a high-leverage activity, and something that’s worth focusing on in your business.

But the challenge is, if you email a lot, is coming up with ideas day in and day out, week in and week out, to keep your list engaged, reading, and clicking on your emails.

So what’s the secret to getting emails opened consistently?

And even more importantly, what’s the secret to getting people to CLICK and eventually BUY?

The secret is to combine curiosity and benefits in just the right way, while staying true to your unique voice.


In other words, first you have to get their attention…and then you have to create desire.

Often, just getting the initial inspiration will spark a flow of ideas. That’s the point where the email basically writes itself.

Once you have the idea, you’ll then tell a short story about that idea, that builds curiosity.

That’s when you make the shift to talking about how the story relates to the benefits of what you do or sell.

Talking about these benefits creates desire in your readers, and that’s when you ask them to click or take action.

This is a variation on that well-known copywriting formula: AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).


So where do you go to get inspiration?

Here are 5 great places to look…

5 Great Places To Get Inspiration



Check out and look at the top headlines.

Then, pick one and challenge yourself to incorporate that headline into your email.

That’s your starting point.


#2: Newsjacking

Current events are great email “conversation starters”.

The election, an upcoming holiday, a special event like the Olympics, are all attention-getters when you put them in a subject line or an email intro.

You can get ideas by checking out what’s currently “Trending” on Facebook.

Once you can nail how to connect current events to your own message, you’re golden.

Check out this example below:


#3: Wacky History Lessons

People love interesting stories…even ones that happened decades or centuries ago.

And when those stories take on the category of “legend” or “weird history facts” they have an even wider appeal.

Google urban legends or weird history facts and see what you come up with.

Make sure you fact check your sources as much as possible, and then figure out how you tie those events into what you do.

I once sent out an email sequence about the Boston Molasses Flood in the early 20th Century.

A true but-little known story, it got the interest of the audience and had a great business “lesson” at the end.


#4: Embarrassing or Unusual Real-Life Stories

You can do this with personal stories as well.

Funny, interesting, or crazy things that happen to you are all great fodder for content.

If you can find inspiration in the everyday, you’ll never lack for ideas.

So always be on the lookout for ideas and how you can connect them back.

The one that people like to remind me of is the “Critter in the Attic” story.


Two people who are experts at doing this are my buddies Andre Chaperon and Ben Settle.

If you’re not already doing it, sign up for their email lists and study how they do this.

If you’re really serious, you can purchase?their courses and follow them.

#5: Raid Your Inbox

This is a great example of the Ask Method in action.

You can take emails and feedback from your audience on your product and address them in an email.

This is great for answering objections about the product, it gives a sense of authenticity…

And it has the added bonus of saving you from having to come up with a creative idea.

All you have to do is copy, paste, and answer.

Smart marketers have been doing this for a while.

Check out this email from 2009:


This email is from “David DeAngelo” a character created by Eben Pagan.

When it comes to creating a product that people salivate over, and marketing it with an irresistible offer, there’s no one like Eben.

Eben has a great free video series that he’s sharing RIGHT NOW about how to do just that.

It’s only up for a short time, so I recommend checking it out now:

===>?Click here to watch

And now, I’m curious…

What’s YOUR best source of inspiration for email ideas?

Leave a comment below and share your wisdom!

Talk soon,

Ryan :-)

My Top 20 Email Subject Lines

Testing subject lines is one of the fundamentals of email marketing.

And today I want to give you a peek into some of my most successful subject lines of all time based on?hundreds of split tests (and why they work so well). . .

Along with 3 tips for testing subject lines:

3 Tips for Testing Subject Lines:

1. Keep an archive of your best performing subject lines:?Yes, we do this, and no, I won’t be sharing the full list – we keep this in a vault. I may be sharing some of it in the Next Level Mastermind in the future.

2. Pay attention and mine those subject lines for trends: Common words, structure, formatting, length, punctuation, trends that point you in the right direction for what to focus on.

3. Test the hypothesis:?Test a subject line against something radically different.

Email is one of the fastest ways to get response. . .

Once you TEST subject lines and can confirm certain trends, now you can take that data and apply it to your ads, your sales page, landing pages, and more, making it a very efficient way to test different ideas.

Top 20 Subject Lines: Deconstructed

Now, let’s go through 20 of our best performing subject lines from the past year. These are the split test winners, along with my hypothesis of why they worked so well.

1.??The Insanity of NOT Using this Technique


3.??That’s IT! We’re Going Down to the Basement. . .?

4.??This almost had me in tears (NEW interview)

Our hypothesis was that highly emotionally charged words (“insanity”, “eureka”), and exclamations (“That’s IT!”) would get more opens.

And in fact. . .?our hypothesis was correct.

5.??Deep Dive Survey: No list? Do this. . .?

6.??Do this ==> Make money. Seriously.

7.??3 easy ways to use ASK in emails

8.??How to use ASK based on your type

9.??The #1 list building strategy I use (works in every market)

These subject lines fall into the category of “how to/do this.” People want specific tips in an email, they want to learn something. Teasing them with what they’re about to learn is a great way to get them to open an email.

10.??THIS is a Test

11. ?Life happens. . .?

These fall into the category of “painfully brief” leaving a huge amount to the reader’s imagination and sparking curiosity. They have no idea what’s in the email, and many will be curious enough to open.

12. ?My Secret Buzzfeed Experiment

13. ?Ryan’s Secret to Success? These 2 Words. . .?

14. ?The “secret ingredient” in all my survey funnels is. . .?

15. ?What I Left OUT of ASK

What do these subject lines have in common?

They promise to reveal a “secret” or missing information. There’s a reason that the word “secret” is used (and overused) in copy. . . it works. The human brain can’t resist the lure of something secret and unknown.

16. ?Does my profanity bother you?

17. ?Do you hate Donald Trump?

18. ?Why I Hate Black Friday

19. ?Hey, Look at Me, I’m Throwing a Tantrum! (Part 2 of 3)

These subject lines play on controversy, current events, or both.?There’s also the element of HATE that plays on those strong emotional reactions. For better or worse, the word HATE tends to get a response from people.

Which brings me to my favorite controversial subject line of all time:

20. ?Do You HATE Me?

While this subject line might be a little shocking, I’ve found that’s why it works so well.

This is an email that’s part of my Ask Method.

Specifically, it’s an email asking your audience why they didn’t buy your product (or take you up on a special offer).

Here’s what a sample text for this email might look like:

Subject Line: Do You Hate Me? ?:-)

Hi [Firstname],

I need your help real quick, but first I need to ask you a question.

Do you hate me? :-)

(Note: The :-) is important to let your reader know what you’re saying is “tongue-in-cheek”)

I’m asking because the other day I gave you a chance to get OFFER XYZ, but for some reason you passed.

Did I not do a good job of explaining something?

Did I not do a good job of touching on a specific hot point that matters to you?

Maybe it was because of me. . .

Something I said, something I didn’t say.

In other words, do you hate me?

If you could just do me a favor and click on the link below to let me know. . .

What was the biggest reason you decided not to try XYZ product/service?

It would mean the world to me.

Here’s the link:

===>Click here to let us know

This leads to an open-ended survey form, or you can just ask them to *HIT REPLY* to the email.

And even though the “hate” part is tongue in cheek, the combination of using the word “hate” and implying that someone might hate you gives people the urge to respond.

Because even the suggestion that they might hate you often prompts your audience to leave you long and detailed answers in an attempt to show you that no, they don’t really hate you at all.

The ‘Do You Hate Me’?email might be a little scary to send at first, and you do have to know your audience (I like to use the winky emoticon to lighten it up for certain markets), but the feedback that you get will be worth it.

How to Come Up With Killer Subject Lines

There are many different places that I look for subject line inspiration.

The first place is to create a “swipe file” email account, subscribing to the top marketers and copywriters in your niche and others. Then, when you need ideas, you can flip through this account and get inspired.

Magazine headlines are another great resource. A good headline grabs people’s attention right away and even better, sells magazines.

You’ll also want to bookmark places like Alltop, Reddit, Buzzfeed, etc. to see what’s trending that you can use.

When in Doubt, Test

You’d be surprised how many marketers I know that DON’T split test on a regular basis.

Doing constant A/B testing will help you get to know what your audience responds to the most, and build a stash of your highest performing subject lines for you to whip out when you really need them, like during a launch.

And, as I mentioned before, it gives you a great starting point for testing ads, landing page headlines, and more.

What is YOUR favorite or top performing subject line?

Which subject line are you most eager to test?

Have you sent out a Do You Hate Me email yet?

Sound off in the comments below!

Ryan :-)